Concrete: a big feature in modern architecture.

Have you noticed how many new modern homes are built using concrete as the main component.? Complimenting the raw urban / industrial look perfectly is lots of beautiful wood, and also glass.

The benefits of home builders using concrete in this way are endless, but the main ones are:

  1. Wall thickness, size and shape can be done completely unique – bespoke to the needs or wants of you / your home;
  2. Walls or panels can be moulded off site, or on-site;
  3. Construction time can be greatly reduced;
  4. Insulation and durability are exceptional;
  5. Fireproof, waterproof, and totally Eco-Friendly;
  6. Totally BEAUTIFUL!!

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What’s trending in 2018?

Concrete Walls.

Contrast between two opposite things has been a trend, thus concrete walls have been able to make it to the world of the trendiest designs for 2018. Mixing modern furniture with rough concrete walls can make your bedroom look irresistibly incomparable.

concrete-wall-designs-Conserv-concrete concrete-wall-designs-Conserv-concrete concrete-wall-designs-Conserv-concrete

Also called Industrial Design, but we at Conserv Group call it BEAUTIFUL.!

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