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This beautiful polished concrete floor was a pleasure to complete.

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Woolworths Food Store at the Whale Coast Mall in Hermanus, Western Cape

We are very proud to have been associated with this project,  in conjunction with Isipani Construction.

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Attractive bathroom floors

Whether you’re thinking about a major renovation project or simply want to update your home, changing your floors is a convenient way to make a vivid change in your home. Consider your bathrooms because not only is a polished concrete bathroom non-slippery, it has many other appealing characteristics.

Conserv group Concrete floors Bathroom

So, let us take a look at some of its benefits.

Benefits of the polished concrete floor:

  • There will be no chance of dirt being trapped in the weaves.
  • It is a popular method of resurfacing cracked or stained concrete.
  • It has Unlimited design and color choices.
  • Polished concrete floors are safe and slip-resistant.
  • It allows moisture or water to vaporize and let the concrete floors take in the air naturally.
  • It will not get peeled, chipped or bubbled.
  • Polished concrete floors are of great strength and durability.
  • It does not absorb salt or oil.
  • Polished concrete floors can resist extreme temperature changes.
  • It can be cleaned easily just by using a vacuum, broom, damp or hose mop.
  • Polished concrete floors are environmentally friendly.

Conserv group Concrete floors Bathroom

A professional contractor could guide you in planning your color preferences and coordinating the colors. A professional will give you the instant ability to visualize design and colors of the choices available to you without spending so much time researching magazines and books.

Non slippery surface:

Regular cleaning of polished concrete floors is generally smoother and glossier than plain surfaces. But, those who are extra careful against slip-and-fall accidents can use anti-slip conditioners on these floors. It is because anti-slip conditioners contain some special elements to make the polished surface harmless. However, anti-slip conditioners must be applied occasionally, you can simply mop on during routine cleaning.


Polished concrete floors minimize the effects that produce urban heat. Concrete floors, roofs, and pavements absorb less heat and reflect more solar emission than dark-colored materials.

New material of choice:

Polished concrete floors with its various colors, molds, and stains have modified glory and these are popping up in walkways, grocery stores, patios, pool decks, fast food establishments, hotels, trendy restaurants, shopping malls, retail outlets, residential, offices and entryways all over the place.

To make your home appealing… give a thought to polished concrete floors.

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New Trend in Concrete

Conserv Concrete Counter-topsDefinitely one of the emerging trends in concrete is the counter-top.

Since concrete is such a versatile material, more and more people are realizing its value in making counter-tops. Shapes of counter-tops are only limited by your imagination and the ability to build the forms.

Concrete counter-tops are a handcrafted surface popular in kitchens that offer complete customization. With concrete you can have a functional and beautiful counter-top in small and large kitchens alike. The ability to create counters in the color, finish, size and shape of your choice is amazing. Casting a concrete counter-top yourself is a very complex DIY project. The counters shown in the images were created by professional contractors in a shop with specialized tools and equipment.

Conserv Concrete Counter-tops

It’s well known by now that concrete has become a material that homeowners and designers are requesting and weaving into their homes, offices, retail outlets, restaurants, etc., in the most amazing ways. But leading the charge in the concrete craze are concrete counter-tops.

You can find out why they are so popular, how you can make their versatility work for you, what color options abound, and some insight into how they are designed, created and built.

Conserv Concrete Counter-tops

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Welcome 2018

We wish you all a very prosperous and exciting 2018.

While everyone is slowly heading back to work, and the feeling of ‘holiday’ becomes a thing of the past, we are open for business as usual.

Conserv concrete welcome 2018
Recent Project Completed: polished concrete floor

We offer you every service pertaining concrete surface beds and slabs, starting with ground preparation, placing and power floating, diamond grinding, colored concrete and floor hardeners. All saw cutting and joint sealing. An addition to our extensive products and services we can now also offer our clients a range of epoxy coated floors.

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