Beautifully Polished Concrete Floor

Take your concrete floor to the next level!

Polished concrete has become the ultimate flooring material for big box retailers, warehouses, convention halls and production facilities around the world. Thanks to us, concrete floors can now be polished fast and cost-effectively.

Beauty and Gloss
The process gives concrete a high degree of shine, similar to polished marble. The end result may be called “micro terazzo” surface, as fine aggregates become partly visible. Mirror glossy floor reflects light, and doesn’t require any wax or coating.

Dust-free and easy to clean
After our polishing process the surfaces are 100% dust-free, as dirt and grime can no longer collect on the concrete. Polishing reduces the need to clean and makes maintenance easier and faster.

Abrasion resistant
The process increases concrete’s abrasion resistance, so that the floor can hold better heavy forklift and foot traffic. Polished concrete can’t peel, chip or flake like epoxy coatings or painted floors. Polished concrete has a longer lifespan than materials such as vinyl composite tile (VCT) or upgraded stone tiles; it only needs to be refinished once every five to ten years.

Save time and money
Construction schedules are usually very tight, often not leaving enough time for traditional grinding and polishing. Our team can produce over 10,000 sq ft of polished concrete in one working day.

There is no need for strong chemicals in our process or later in maintenance. Our polished concrete flooring qualifies for LEED credits.

before polishing concrete floor

after polishing concrete floor

Many large companies count on our extensive know-how on concrete floor polishing, grinding and cleaning. Easy to clean surface is one of the key reasons why many huge warehouses and retail facilities have chosen us. Our team has been involved in millions of square meters of concrete floor projects during the last 30 years.

Polished concrete floors


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The Conserv Group consists of:
180 Degrees – Concrete Floor Services
Floor Grinding Services, and
Mega Import Traders.

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Floor Grinding Services

We are a unique company specializing in the Placing and Power floating of concrete floors. We also do all the ground works in preparation for the concrete floors to be laid and all form work. We do colored concrete floors, epoxy coatings, epoxy colored coatings, grinding down of surfaces in preparation for new concrete layers and all saw cutting. Joint sealing are also done by us and we recently incorporated quarts carpet in expansion of our business endeavors. We are there to give advice and help to find the best solution for your problem. We strive to be excellent in everything we do labour related and also work based relationships and believe in open communication lines at all times. To us this is not only a business but a family concern with combined years of knowledge and expertise and the love of what we are doing.

Historically we have come a long way and each one of the three generations have worked for various companies bringing along with them their own unique type of knowledge and expertise. We have actually decided that it is time that there is cohesion amongst us and only through that we can be solid and a sound business practice can come into existence. We are looking to the future and believe that this company can develop into something so big it will extend over the borders of South Africa. Our aim is to be the best that we can be in the marketplace.


  • Ground Works
  • Mass Concrete Works
  • Form Work
  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete
  • Concrete Screeding
  • Power Floating and Toweling
  • Colored Concrete
  • Color Floor Hardeners
  • Metallic Floor Hardeners
  • Light Reflective Floor Hardeners
  • Floor Hardeners
  • Broom Drag Finishes
  • Bag Drag Finishes
  • Wood Float Finish
  • Concrete Reinforcing
  • Saw Cutting and Reaming
  • Joint Sealing
  • Epoxy Coatings
  • Quartz Carpet

Concrete Floor services 180 Degrees Concrete Floor services 180 Degrees

Concrete Floor Services: 180 Degrees

This is our main operation within the Conserv group. Each and every transaction is channeled through 180 Degrees: Concrete Floor Services (Pty) Ltd.
A specialist concrete flooring contractor, and concrete repairs. Concrete Floor services 180 Degrees

180 Degrees - Concrete Floor Services